Waste Management

The landfill is a permitted solid waste landfill / balefill facility. The waste collected at the transfer station is contracted out and transported to the landfill in Marbleton and baled. Both facilities are equipped with a scale. Every automobile must slowly drive on the scale and come to a stop when entering and leaving both facilities. The scale attendant will direct visitors to the proper location for waste.

All loads should be sorted by waste classification prior to arrival for disposal. Construction, demolition, and land-clearing waste will only be accepted at the Big Piney / Marbleton Landfill.

View the locations of the landfill and transfer station.

Rules of the Road / Right of Way

  • Loaded vehicles first, empty vehicles last
  • Dispose of your garbage courteously and safely
  • Arrive at the facility with enough time to unload and be back across scale before closing time

Scales close exactly at 5:00 pm in Big Piney and 5:00 pm in Pinedale, so that all waste is baled, covered, and/or secured for the evening. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you at each of our facilities.