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These data files were created for use by Sublette County. Any other use / application of this information is the responsibility of the user and such use / application is at user's own risk. Sublette County disclaims all liability regarding fitness of the information for any use other than Sublette County business.


Sublette County GIS
21 S. Tyler
P.O. Box 506
Pinedale, WY 82941

Download Sublette County GIS Data

All data are on Wyoming State Plane, West Zone NAD83, U.S. Survey feet.

Ownership Map (ShapeFiles)
  • Surface ownership polygons with Tax Roll data
  • Underlying Lots (multiple lots on a single tax account)
  • Subdivisions
  • Municipal Corporate Limits
  • Address Points
Road Map (ShapeFiles)
  • Road centerlines and some road easement side lines
Zoning Map (ShapeFiles)
  • County Zoning (Zonemap 1)
Section Polygons (MapInfo)
  • Public Land Survey Sections